Does not get old…

So, when I was a little kiddo, both of Grandads would would take me fishing.  One of them was in to it a little more than the other.  The other one was a little broader in his interests.  One did nothing but fish the other one would dress in his best weekend cowboy clothes, go to the mall then come home and work on his cars and other projects.  “Papa” would either be on the water or be home watching fishing shows or looking at fishing magazines.  I’m now daydreaming of my grandad shuffling through Fly Rod and Reel magazine at a 45 degree pitch in his easy chair and stumbling upon my article, I know he would be very proud, so would “PawPaw” cowboy.

It’s a huge honor to be in any magazine really, but the one that has been around for what seems like forever is Fly Rod and Reel.  To some maybe its no big deal, but seeing your work in a nationally printed magazine does not get old and never will…thank you FRR and Bob White…I mean to be interviewed by Bob White,doesn’t get any better.


FRR Paul