About Paul Puckett

Paul Puckett….I like too damn many things.

So, I love flyfishing, music and art.  Life would be simple if I only liked one, but it would be quite boring.  It would maybe be nicer in a sense so that I could get better at one, but I’ve spread myself thin, this is where I am.  My mind is so scattered, I will be in the middle of painting and the guitar will call my name.  I will then fiddle with the guitar for three days and forget that I have a painting that needs to be done in two days.  But, I love it…I am a right brain dude and live the chaotic, day to day, unscheduled way of life that makes me who I am…Right Brain, Right Hand Caster, Right Hand Retrieve.

I was born in Dallas, TX, went to University of North Texas, moved to Jackson, WY for 4 years and now live in Atlanta, GA.  I do like Georgia for its many options in the outdoors (can you really be “in” the outdoors).  Anyway, I am sure I will be adding to this as I go, for now…see ya.

Paul Puckett


7 thoughts on “About Paul Puckett

  1. That’s why we have the In and Out Burger places….you’re In then you’re Out…..does it really matter? Not really! Keep playing muisic and doing your art thing too…..remember, Mom, always told you when you were growing up, “always do what makes you happy”! You sound like you’re happy…good for you….and you’re making others happy too with your talents! Keep it up…you make your parent proud!
    Love you, Miss you! Mom

  2. Paul, you said above that you live in Atlanta, GA….don’t you now live in Charleston, S. C. or around there? Please keep your parents posted on exactly where you do live now as Christmas is coming up soon, and Santa just might want to send you a gift IF you’d been a “good boy”!? Hopefully, though, you’ll be comimg HOME to Dallas, TX and get your Santa gifts in person!
    Luv, your Mom in Dallas

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