G)And if I die before my time with nothing …I can call my own (C)

G)Just take me on down to the river…thats where you can throw my bones (C)

D)Thats the only way, only way (C) ….Im ever goin home (G)


C)thirty something now and i aint got nothin but love and a truthful heart (G)

Just tryin to get on back to the beginning of another new hopeless start

D)No it aint that im not happy…with all this floating around

C)Just looking for the answers and Im pretty sure they cant be found (G)


So Ill just keep on going on you know thats all i can do

It hard to know what your looking for until it finds you

Im just starin on down this road that never seems to end

The further down you go the more ya get back to where you begin



Gotta have sad words to sing the truth / Wish I had someone and no-one i could lose

And I got caught with my lies in the jar / Aint gonna go far with this ol hopeless guitar

…………. CH

I wish you could help me find a way

And I want you to help me find a way

I need you to help me find a wayyyyy / To your heart


Well it takes one to know one so Im two I suppose / And which one were you when you walked out my door

The streets called my name hen I was headed back home / Told me not to come back till I was drunk and alone


Tonight I decided to give whiskey another chance / now my mind is black and blue from the 16 oz romance

If you followed me Id probly take ya on down / A never ending path to another broken hearted town


Maybe fall in love like 2 loaded guns / When the smoke all clears we just turn around and run

Maybe this is some sort of wild little dream / I knew Id seen you before now your comin back to me



C Am F G C Am F G F

Never will be happy unless you cry / You dont know life until you die

Cant be caught cheatin until you tell a lie

You aint seen the best of me


Cant walk the tall grass until you crawl / You never have enough unless its all

You dont know high until you fall

You aint seen the best of me

……………………CH – F C Am C, F C F G F

You aint seen the best of me / I gone on for too long being something I cant be

You aint seen the best of me / You’ll never see the best of me


A little salt in the water dont make it the sea / The Sun and a lemon can’t make sweet tea

If its best for you then Ill just let you be

You aint seen the best of me


You think you can fly cause your feet dont touch the ground / We all hear ya so loud when you dont even make a sound

When Im lost you always say your found

You aint seen the best of me


100 Miles Away

100 Miles Away

Takin that train on upstate

100 Miles Away

—I know I havent known you long

But when I think what could have been now your movie on

—Gonna take a while to forget your smile

Why you gotta go so far away

—Right when I was starting to get to know you

Just wanted to see what made you tick

—Now the best thing about this town

Is headin on and movin out


—-I cant explaint he crazy way I think

Im wondering how this could make my heart just sink

—-And everytime I drive downtown I go to the corner

Of Ashley and Montague street

—Now these words dont come easy to me

—-Wish Id drawn you a picture

Maybe then youd clearly see

—-THere;s just something about the way you are

And what you seem to do to me


Heart of Clay – Paul Puckett

—(E) Why were you crying

(A) Did he remind you of your past

(B – E) Did you see yourself again through his eyes

—–Have you ever been down

To the dark places he sang of

Do you think you could ever if you tried







—Now im lookin at the wrinkles

And the canyons in your hands

Like leather wet tanned and tried

— I wish I knew your story

How your blood cut the rocks

Of the only real men over the river of time

—I know you like your whiskey

And the other good things that grow

For the best things you say you cant buy

—But if you ever need someone

And I aint at hand

Just wait for me, for I wont pass you by




Need to have sad words if you wanna sing the truth

Wish I had someone and no one I could lose

I got caught with my lies in the jar

Cant go far with this ol fishing guitar

I wish you could help me find a way

I need you could help me find a way

I want you could help me find a way…to your heart

Takes one to know one so Im two I suppose

Which one were you when you walked out my door

The streets callled my name when I was headin back home

Told me not to come back till I was scared or alone

I wish you could help me find a way

I need you could help me find a way

I want you could help me find a way…to your heart

Tonight I decided to give whiskey another chance

Now my mind is black and blue from this 16 oz romance

If you me Id probably take you on down

A never ending path to another broken hearted town

I wish you could help me find a way

I need you could help me find a way

I want you could help me find a way…to your heart

Maybe we could fall in love like 2 loaded guns

And when the smoke all clears we just turn around and run

Maybe this is just some kind of wild little dream

Thought I’d seen you before now its comin back to me

Come Back Home – Paul Puckett

I know the best things come

But are you ever gonna show

No don’t hurry up just for me

I know im new to this town

Like a gun your eyes shot me down

It feels so good to hurt again

Maybe Im thinking the impossible

I cant seem to get you on the phone

Don’t think id have much to tell you anyway

I just want you to come back home

Doin anything I can

Just to make the time fly by

But time slows down in between

When you come back to this town

Are you gonna let me come back around

I just wanna flood you like the sea

Yea Im gonna wait it out X3

The best things come

The Devil Scratched My Head This Morning – Paul Puckett A (D, A, D, A, E, D, A, E)

The Devil scratched my head this morning, now whats a man to do (X2)

The sun aint even up yet and Im already waking up to the blues

Comb my hair and fix my shirt, and put on my snakeskin boots (X2)

Aint got no money in pocket, guess I aint got nothin left to lose

The Devil done scratched your head….he done scratched yo head

If you gonna sip on that brown licka booze (X2)

Plan on wakin up, wakin up to the blues

They say when you hit rock bottom baby, goin up is all you can do (X2)

Well Ive been here a long time, just stuck here lookin up at you

Yea, Im crawlin o the floor baby, Ive been down a time or two (X2)

Yea the Devil scratched my head this mornig, and I woke up with the blues

The Water – Paul Puckett(Bluesy)


1)When I put my feet in the water, I can feel it cleanse my soul

Had to come live down by the water, to hear it rock and when it rolls

2)Something bout that salty water, everytime I wanna jump in

When you live down by the water, try to be bad but it cleasn your sins

3)Searchin for the things that live in the water always wanna get my hands on them

Seems the fish that swim in the water, never gonna let me be their friend

4)When im gone drop me in the water, let me just drift on out to sea

Ill be home there in the water, always seems to be a part of me

repeat first 2

Bad Dreams – Paul Puckett

C, F, C, G, C, F, G, F

Hey yea, Im stuck in a bad dream

I don’t know the difference no more

Don’t want you comin around here

Things aint gonna be like it was before

Now something tells me you aint listenin

Somethin tells me you don’t care

Pretty soon Ill be rollin down the HWY

Gonna get a long way from here

Yea, yea I know Im in trouble babe

Yea, Yea and I’ve been bad

bad dreams been comin back lately

Best dreams that ive ever had

Best things you cant buy cheap

Best things you cant get for free

Thought you could hold on to me girl

When you aint done nothing for me

You can go on and fool the next one

Everybody’s waitin to see who

The next unlucky son of a bitch is

Sure as hell aint gonna be me

2 Nights From Home – Paul Puckett

12 bar in D

Said come back here baby

And sit down next to me

” ”

I know he aint no good for you

Just figured by now you’d surely see….

I aint got nowhere to go

And nowhere I got to be

” ”

Think we could spend some time together

I know your love could set me free….

A long 2 nights girl

Im 2 nights from my home

” ”

The way I treated you girl

I deserve to die alone

On the run, on the run

Someday it’ll catch up to me

” ”

Livin this way is easy

But what a fool I’ve learned to be

A long 2 nights girl

Im 2 nights from my home

” ”

The way I treated you girl

I deserve to die alone

Not That Simple – Paul Puckett

E…..A E A E B

Ive been thinking, listening to the rain,

wondering why this pain is still in my heart

And you’ve been showin, trying to come back around,

shoot me right back down like a backsliding angel

CH. 1 – (A E) – And i know i was never right

(B, E) And you were never wrong

(A, E) At least thats what you said

(B) And now thats why Im probably gone

(same CH chords) (A, E)I know its sure not simple,

(B, E)cause we both get along,

(A, E)guess the best thing now is just (B)leave it all alone

(E…..A E A E B) And I’m getting restless,

can’t seem to sleep at night,

there just has to be some light in all this darkness

Right now Im wondering, what your doin now,

out with all your friends to see what else is out there

Tell me one thing, why I need to change,

but you should stay the same and it’ll all be just fine

CH.2 – (A, E) And now I know that I was right,

(B, E) And you were probably wrong

(A, E) Maybe we both knew

(B) And now whats done is done

(A, E) It never was that simple

(B, E)even though we both get along

(A, E) Looks like the best thing now is to just (B) leave it all alone

Vinyls and Wine – Paul Puckett

CH – (C G F G) Vinyls and Wine,

Same every time,

Keep turning me around,

As it soaks my mind, Vinyls and Wine

(C, F)These new unknown numbers,

(C, F)Some old haunting songs,

(C, G)5 Empty bottles,

(G,F,G) A few rights and wrongs

(C, F) Tellin me the same things,

(C, F) I don’t ever wanna know,

(C, G) And the record players skipping,

(G, F, G) It must be playing my favorite song

And maybe its the same way, Just sounds so clear,

Instead of drifting away, I wanna stay right here

And when the time comes, O if this should happen again,

Just play that same old slow song,

And dance all night again to (Vinyls and Wine)

Sunset – Paul Puckett

Intro – E, A

(E, F#, A, F#, E) – Everybody and their questions,

I don’t give a damn to answer,

All that really matters is things are gonna change.

And you can have your friends,

But when this day ends,

Will they still be there

When you have nothing else left to give

CH – (A, F#, E) So, Good luck to you,

I hope you happiness and good comes to you,

I will always remember you,

(F#, A, E) And I guess this is the end (E, A, E, A) END (F#, E)

(E, F#, A, F#, E)And some say time is running out,

Dont know what that means or what its all about,

Time is nothing more to me than the setting of the sun.

Abilene – Paul Puckett

CH – F)Abbie… is going back C)to Abilene

Am)Yea, F)goin back to God’s C)country

F)She’s join back to C)Abilene

G)Where she is home, F)Where she is home

C)In TX she’ll always be

(C, F, C, G, F, C)She’s join back to breathe in some of that clean west TX air,

clean west TX air

Yea he’s taking her on back to where she’s from,

to where she’s from

One day she will sleep in the earth from which her soul was born,

her soul was born

And I may never get to see her again and my heart is torn,

my heart is torn

BR (Am, F, C – – – Am G, C)

I may never get to see her,

Cause she aint never comin here again

That don’t mean I don’t love her,

we will always be the best of friends


Come Around – Paul Puckett

D riff – G riff

Your silence speaks so loud to me,

Why do you stay away and not wanna talk to me

Just sitting here watching this telephone,

Don’t wanna go out Just wanna be alone

Where was I a few weeks ago before I met you,

Wish I could go back and not be here feeling blue

CH – (A, G)Don’t need to love you or touch you,

Don’t wanna keep you up at night

Just one thing I wanted… before the end of the night,

I just wanna talk to you(A)

How did you break my heart,

Hadn’t even given it to you

And its hard to let you go,

I promise I’m trying to

And if you ever come back around,

Come on back around

And if I should be here,

Just come on back around


Bone Pony D, A, B, G, A —-F# G, A

Im feelin wild, Maybe its the night

Let me outta the gate, Dont put up a fight


Well can you tame the beast, All things aside

Well maybe Im to much, Saddle up and ride


Can you ride…..Can you stay on……Can you ride on The Bone Ponyyyy


Well my pony will always, make you feel good

You’d ride it all the time, only if you could


If you treat it bad, maybe you’ll get bucked

Like it or not now, Either way your fucked

Bangover G, D, C, D……C, G, D

Well I was up all night, Cause the lovin was so nice

Up early for work, Now Im payin the price


And how could I refuse, Her skin was just so smooth

The way she talked and moved, I gave into the abuse


Bangover, Bangover, I just cant shake this….Bangover


I saw the stars go out, as the sun came up

Having my last drink, from her loving cup


I had to go to work, Feeling tired and sore

We did it all night long, I couldn’t go no more.


Well the alarm clock shoots, through my veins

Been up all night, pullin on the reins


My day begins, when my night ends

Roll over baby, wanna do it again


Well a Bangovers bad….I aint gonna lie….lets do this again….I said with a sigh

Ill bring the vitamin C, some cocaine and hash

Ill see ya later tonight….BLOWIN LINES OFF YOUR ASS



Take Your Time -A Blues

I dont wanna wait forever girl, These days just seem so long

” ”

I know you got the blues too,

But damn, you seem so long gone


We be drinking that wine, Drinkin on the porch till the break of dawn

” ”

Dont feel so good when the morning comes

Girl, it aint me who done you wrong


You said you need your time, Yea…take your time, Ill be just fine

” ”

If you dont come around real soon

Gonna be a broken heart and tears flowing like that wine

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