Ep.8 Right Brain Retrieve

Ep.8 RBR

A sort of hodge lodge of topics, sponsors and characters. A sort of Christmas edition with great do’s and font’s of gift giving. We get a visit from Damien the Elf as he pours his heart out to Terry Claus. Thanks for joining us!!

Right Brain Retrieve Ep.6


We bring our spiciest RBR episode yet, with hints of Barely Live zest. It’s a ling one, we know that…but we didn’t feel like stopping. We are proud to have artist, Jake Keeler join us for art and heavy metal talk. Will Abbott arises from the grave to add his thoughts about Travis Tritt. Please join us…please.



Right Brain Retrieve Ep. 5

Absence breeds fondness.. or in this case a rambling mess of pent up conversations.  We take the time to speak with artist George Hill (@George___Hill on instagram) about his artistic process and touched base with our rambling man Riverhorse to hear not only the tales of a ramblin’ man, but his take on art, life, and tequila.  So tune in and zone out and join us for another installment of Right Brain Retrieve.

Right Brain Retrieve Episode 4

A skeleton crew at it’s best. We are lucky to have with us, Rick Crawford from Emerger Strategies sit in with us in Mike’s absence. A good friend of RBR’s, Derek Deyoung chimes in on his art, influences and all else DeYoung art, it’s good stuff. We also catch up with Mike Benson and his western tour of the USA…check it outy. Thanks for the support!!

SCOF Back Page Project

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 8.39.43 AM.png

Mike and I have joined up together to bring some creative teamwork action to the Back Page of Souther Culture on the Fly.  Yea, maybe it is because these guys are our friends and feel somewhat sorry for us, but we are taking full advantage of the situation.  I wouldn’t call it the anchor of the magazine by any means…but when you are going out the backdoor of the E-zine, take 2 minutes to check it out then give us a solid slap on the ass.  Hopefully some good stuff to come through this assault on the internet.