Finally, I am cashing in on the main reason I moved here, besides the fact Charleston is great already, the Redfish have found their way onto the flats, and showing their asses.  Nothing like seeing these fish in the grass, such a huge difference from anywhere else you may find tailing fish.  There is nothing like seeing a pack of Bonefish on a flat, or a redfish on huge wide open flat in Port Aransas, TX, but being in the grass, waiting, doubting, listening and then all the sudden, like through a beaded door….you get a glimpse of movement…everything changes.  Its that one fish you have been waiting for, he has moved close enough so that you saw him through the dense grass…do you wait longer, will he come closer…should you move up, the window of opportunity is small….second guesses are circulating in your head as often as that little tail is waiving at you.  This was going through my head last week as this fish kept nosing through the grass.  I decided to see how close to me the fish would get, in order to just get some cool photos.  It would tail, move a foot, tail again and proceed in this manner until it was 10 feet away from me.  I was still just banking on gettng some cool photos.  Finally, when it was about that same distance of 10 feet away at my 10 o’clock….I casted it about 3 feet in front of the fish.  It approached in its same progression and dipped down in the area of my fly…I set, it slammed in to 4 th gear, and I got my fly back with the hook bent in a 45 degree angle…oh well.  The story has a lot more mystique sometimes when you lose the fish in that way, and I can blame it on the hook, not myself.  If you haven’t fished for these redfish in the grass, you have to…you just have to.

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Tails in the Grass