Retro Alaska Day by Day report

Well, I didnt have internet access in Alaska, so I will pick a couple pics from each day as if I did, a little cheating if you will.

Day One – Saturday

We got into the Lodge about 2 PM and just enough time to hit the river for a few hours.  The lodge also had some Nashville Singer/Songwriters on site to entertain nightly…Scott Laurent, Mike and Scott Harder, Bruce (Badass) and Earl Bud Lee of “Friends in Low Places” fame.


The Bob WhiteIMGP0044


Day 2 – The “Pak” with Bob White

We flew out to the Pak river with our guide Bob White.  It was a great day with our other guide Mitch and they cooked us a great riverside lunch.  Beer batter fried Salmon with cheesy potatoes and Bob’s famous “guide pie.”





Day 3/4 – Togiak River then to Rainbo Outcamp

The 3rd day we fly to the Togiak, where the King Salmon are the Kings!  The King fishing was slow, so we leaned towards the other Salmon and trout.  Had a great time with Ryan and then flew to the overnight camp called Rainbo Camp.








Midnight at the lodge…pretty light for that late!IMGP0115

Day 5 – The “Wok: River with Chris Franzen

We fished with a NC native who found his way to Alaska.  He had us on as many Char that morning that we wanted to catch, it was a blast.  Then we went up river and started getting Rainbows on dries, nymphs then I leaned toward the big streamer.  At this point I just wanted to catch one big fish, that was the goal.  We hit a few good ones between grayling and a had a great day!



John Gierach and Bob White are two great guys.  John is a great writer, very witty and creative and gave a couple readings.  Bob is a great artist and a great person, he is who I owe my invite to for this amazing experience.  Also, not pictured, Steve Laurent who runs BBL has quite the job.  With all the logistics and stress that an amazing lodge on the middle of Alaska takes, he handles it well and makes it look easy!IMGP0299

Day 6 – Back to the Togiak to fish with Taylor Bussey

We fished with Taylor who I met in Charleston as he came through town on the Flyfishing Film Tour this past spring.  He is a blast to fish with, very intense and light-hearted.  He wants to catch fish and makes sure his people do…We finally got a big bow, not as big as I wanted, but will keep me coming back!






Bristol Bay Lodge….check it out, an amazing place!


So…I have done this before,

But never named it…I am gonna start posting other Artist’s websites that have always caught my eye or have inspired me.  At this point in my life I don’t have a particular style, or at least my view I don’t.  I have had people tell me that they can tell my artwork, and I do think that it is a good thing but still feel like my artwork is very skewed.  This is something I cannot help, I am constantly inspired by new things, new ideas, new styles…maybe one day when I am 87 I will stick to something.  One of my most recent inspirations was working at Steve Seinberg’s studio, and I really took to the loose-ness of the work and carried it over to my last couple paintings that you can see on prior posts.


Now, the reason I began this write-up is to remind you guys of another artist that has been around for a while and is very well known, Ray Troll.  I guarantee you have seen his artwork, it is so wacky, humorous, interesting, strange and awesome.  With some of the recent illustrations I have been doing, I feel like I have been on the same page as him a couple times, but he wins….he is so damn creatively humorous when it come to fish and what they do.  I remember buying one of his “Spawn Till You Die” shirts a long time ago, no idea what I have done with it, Im sure someone stole it in college.  I also had a real off the wall one of a guy wading naked, and the salmon was about to, well…you can figure it out.  Please check out his website, and peek into this latest show of his, a diplay of this crazy looking rotary saw shark….crazy stuff.  Its not even one of his characters, its the real deal!  Ray Troll, the real deal….a great artist.

RT perils RT Blues



“Eyes of the Red”

Many believe the spot on the redfish’s tail is a decoy to fool hovering birds into thinking that it should attack there as the fish is nose deep in sand or mud.  I had a fun time with this painting, as it is quite different from others I have done.  I enjoyed working with the angle and perspective and am very happy with the way it turned out.  Oil – 30 x 40

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Eyes of The Red

2 Weeks Away!!

My first trip to Alaska is on the horizon.  I am very excited about the adventure and the new images I can capture that may lead to paintings.  I was asked by Bob White to be Artist in Residence for a week and will also be there for a couple days of the Nashville Songwriters week.  I am very honored to be a part of this.  I owe a huge thanks to Bob White, who is an amazing artist and one that I aspire to paint like.  Paintings to come!