Episode 3 – Total failure

WEB_Sunken-boat-found-at-Hopes-nose-1.-Credit-Torbay-Coastguard-630x355.jpgA couple weeks ago, I hate to say it…Mike and I recorded a new Episode of Right Brain Retrieve and I failed everyone.  I had been a few weeks since the last one so we were itching pretty good for it. We had a solid discussion on the whole Yeti/NRA theasco, talked about music and spoke with Drew Chicone about his Fly Tying and recent books that he had created.  We summed it up with a little chat with our friend Riverhorse Nakadante.  To sum up, it was a great and effortless recording that was exactly what it’s supposed to be.

As I normally do, I uploaded it to the computer to let the people have it and there seemed to be a lot of dead, silent space on it.  Panic set it as I realized I never plugged the recording out line into the microphone.  Before we recorded, the sound line was moving al over the display screen, so it looked like it was recording.  It was recording, but just the ambient sound of Mike and I, nothing through the computer where the music, sounds phone calls and other magic comes through.  Its a pretty sad feeling when this happens, as there is no way to re-create the conversations and great things that happen during our podcast.  We will re-call Drew and of course talk about the same stuff when we record again, but it will be different…hopefully in a good way.

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