Mew Zeek Monday – Da Blues

In my newly found search of learning to play guitar solos, I have been playing a lot of blues….and listening to nothing but lately.  I think it was inspired by the recent passing of my dad’s good friend Bugs Henderson.  The following link is to an hour of the best blues you can hear, SRV playing with one of his idols.  Most of the licks you hear Stevie do, were learned mostly from Albert King.  Check this out if you likey some blues!


1 thought on “Mew Zeek Monday – Da Blues

  1. My son saw this on PBS and wouldnt let me turn it off. He asks me to play it all the time now and we bought the album on iTunes. Its all we listen to in the car. Who would have thought a 3 year old would demand to hear SRV and Al B King…………pretty cool.

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