I’m a big fan of Mark Yuhina

So, about 4-5 years ago I was working in The FIsh Hawk in Atlanta and a guy came in saying how nice it was to meet me because he knew I painted as well.  Of course it was nice meeting him and talking flyfishing artwork as well.  Towards the end he offered to show me some of his artwork and of course I wanted to see it.  These things happen every now and then and you of course have an idea in your head what the art may look like.  I think i had some preconceived ideas, at this time I do not remember what they were.

He pulled his sketchbook out and I was floored.  As then, mainly a watercolorist, it was hard for me to be real loose and free with the paint, let it bleed, be messy, let the paint go where it wants, I JUST COULDNT DO IT!!!  Well, Mark can, thats what his paintings are.  His paintings of fish are living and breathing on the paper, they swim.  They are dripping with water as the fish is captured with watercolor as it is being surfaced and shown off.  If you are not familiar with Mark’s work, check it out.  I have seen it pop up in some magazines and it deserves to be everywhere.  Hopefully someday he will want to trade a painting with me!


Yuh 3

Yuh 2

Yuh 1

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