Clapton and his “kit”.

I am reading Clapton’s autobiography, this is a big deal because I’m not much of a reader and I am actually not just reading the text that are under all the pictures.  There are hardly any pictures, so I kind of had to read it, it’s very good.

I found it fascinating that the day he realized he had a drinking problem, and admitted it to himself and a friend, he was fishing.  He was in one of his drunk stupors that he would find himself in daily and went fishing, something he always enjoyed doing.  He went to the bank, layed out his gear and stumbled about and stepped on and broke one of his rods.  He was embarrassed and felt ashamed that it had gotten to the point where it affected such a pure thing as fishing, and realized that day he had a problem.  Fishing is a place where you are even, thoughts become so clear, except when you have that awful song in your head, like.. “Islands in the Stream” or something by Billy Ocean.


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