11 thoughts on “Some Recent Box Drawings

  1. Paul,
    The two Redfish boxes in the middle of the pack are anything but!!!
    Love ’em…you, sir. are a true Southern treasure!

  2. PAul amaizing stuff. I have a twin brother who is a huge fan and a crazy fly tier. He is coming home (Bozeman, Mt) today after 3 months in New Jersey helping with hurricane Sandy Relief. He has been tying about 5 hours a day and really getting back into it. We have a bday in april coming up and would love to figure out if there is ever a way to have one dome for him. He is a huge fan of yours and we always joke what the pic would be if you fished with us here in MT for a couple days Let me know if there is a way and you can check out his blog here:
    he stared it to help with the voices in his head that tell hin to keep tying flies……..

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