Out on the backwaters with ol Doug Roland

If you haven’t checked out Doug Roland and Ryan Rice’s blog of short films and photos, then check it out, lots of good stuff.  (www.LowcountyJournal.com) These guys have come a long way in a year, recording and logging a lot of hours on the water and it shows on the short films they make.  On Memorial Day, yesterday, we got out on the water and went looking for the reds in the grass, outta the grass in the mud…wherever we could find them, and they were in all of the above.  We got into some skinny water, the lowest low of the year…we found out the hard way, or almost the hardest way.  As the water rifled through the creeks, we finally decided to start escaping while we still had water.  Trenching the boat through 100 yards of mud, we finally got to some water that carried us out.  Until then we had fish all around us, almost too many to choose one.  We picked off a couple before we were pushed out.  After the muddy post-holing, we came to the confluence of a couple creeks which held these fish as they were flashing and thrashing glass minnows.  Just watching these fish was entertainment enough as they would turn on their sides showing us the gold.  We caught a couple more then decided to let them have the creek to themselves.  All day today I was wishing I was back there, in that same spot…but what I have come to realize is, everyday is different…the fish are never in quite the same spot, they act different, they eat different, they react different, you are never the same either….your casting sucks today, you left the good fly at home…thats what I love about this interaction, its never the same, thats what makes it amazing!  Cheers to fishing with friends and sharing these amazing days and never forgetting them.photo-78 photo-79 photo-77 photo-80

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