The “Bow Hawg”

Here lil’ PiggyBow HawgSo…we have been one, whether you like it or not, and we have all seen it happen.  It is usually happening on the tail end of disasters, meltdowns, and poor fishmanship.  Not often does it happen after landing a 20 inch brown trout, or a 28 inch tailing redfish.  It is often the unspoken rule, for the rower or poler has no problem changing roles after a fish is caught or missed, and usually neither does the angler.  If it has to be mentioned to get down off the bow, it has not been a good span of events, blown chances, line woven toes and mangled leaders knotted up so bad that not even god could have tied them to be so.  If you are a Bow Hawg, I’m sorry, get down, bow out… just wasn’t your day or nor will it be.

Dedicated to Dan Joseph


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