2014 – The Year of the Everglades Special


Tied by Enrico Puglisi – www.EPFlies.com

If the cards aren’t usually always stacked against me enough already, I have decided that I am going to fish nothing but one fly for the whole year of 2014, and it shall be the Everglades Special.  This fly is so diverse, through it’s shape and color, it can mimick so many different creatures that make up fresh and saltwater fish’s diets.

I have a few trips coming up this year, and the only one I am a little worried about is the Permit trip to The Palometa Club.  I think it could trick a Permit in a schooling situation, but not so much a tailing permit, but then again, you never know with those bastards!  I am not worried too much about my tarpon trip, unless of course we get into the mythical worm hatch, most likely will now.  Alaska shouldnt be too tough with the ol Everglades Special….Kings and Chums are pretty aggressive and the big ol Bows should eat it accordingly.  Fishing here in Charleston should be a breeze in the lowtide Winter and Spring months, for it is a proven pattern for that.  I could be very challenged during the tailing season, for they aren’t looking for baitfish/shrimp, and are too busy bulldozing for crabs.  I am not apposed to trimming the tail off and adding a cone weight and getting it down.  I am excited to see how many species in so many different locations I can pull this off in.

In the end, i really don’t think fish are as particular as we make them out to be.  I used to sit and just watch trout in a spring creek when I lived in Jackson, WY and those fish would let just about anything go in their mouths, constantly editing what was food and what wasn’t.  Yes, I know they were Cutthroat, but still…on the right day, these fish were tough as hell to catch as well. I just hope in the end, I am throwing these flies on the good days, the days where it doesn’t matter what you throw…I will need all the help I can get.  2014, The Everglades Special and me.

Roger Metz…I told you, also…Michael Bruner, you’re my hero!


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