New studio…progress

Until now I have been painting in a rathole or next to my bed in my bedroom… Finally, I have my own space! I am very excited about this new place to work on my artwork, It is amazing to actually have a place to walk around to view the art from different angles. I bunked up in Free Fly Apparel’s new warehouse, so it will be great having awesome neighbors.


2 thoughts on “New studio…progress

  1. Paul, your new Studio really looks good! Looks like the table I sent you is already put to good use! Now you can tidy up your room where you live too! Your Studio looks professional, as it should! Good for you! I also like the new painting on your Easel! Maybe you can hang some prints that you’d done as well as some more paintings. Keep up the good work! Having a Heat Wave here in Dallas, TX….30 degrees now! Sunny all day, but very cold and will be even more colder tonight! We’re lucky! Congratulations!! Luv, Mom

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