First Redfish on the “Special”

Well, its March 11, 2014….a little more than 2 months since the new year.  I went out fishing this morning with 2 great guys, a great dog and an amazing morning.  I consider this the first really good condition day that I have fish so far this year.  I had a fun day fishing last month with Chris Wilson, but the four letter, “W” word was in effect.  The other couple times were fun days but just damn cold and windy.   We set out before the sun woke and headed to a good little spot only 10 minutes from the ramp. We all had things to do the rest of the day, so today was just a chance to get out for a couple hours and wake up one of them drunk on winter, ginger backs….with an Everglades Special.  My box this year is a little limited, ES’s and more ES’s.  I had yet to catch a damn Redfish this year and for that matter, one on an Everglades Special.

We went through a few fish, they seemed to be happy.  As the sun peered over the horizon, so did our shadows.  We busted up a few small groups and got to the point where we would just have to throw into rattled fish, then BAM, finally a Redfish in hand.  Although that is a pretty bad description of the moment, there were other scenarios that came fourth, the kind that haunt our working day dreams.  We had a couple fish that loomed their mythical tails up in the air, not so much feeding but just enough to show us what we have in store the next few months, enough to get us excited.  It was a beautiful morning, the kind that makes me know that this is where I’m supposed to be.

-Paul Puckett First Special Red

Here is the link that we have on the Flood Tide site, under the Lowcountry Journal by Doug Roland.
<p><a href=”″>Pudatt</a&gt; from <a href=””>LC Journal – Doug Roland</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

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