Country Sucks

So, I got a little wine in me and watched the Country Music Whatever Awards and got on Facebook and vented..whether thats good or not, who knows:

“What would Waylon do? Seriously??? These jokers make millions off rock and roll music that would “suck”, but does suck if it wasn’t called country….if you come up with song that mentions a truck, a dirt road, a beer can, pasture, tailgate, country girl, her boots and a whiskey jar, you’re golden…its such a ridiculous formula that makes saying country music a bad word….awful. Sucks because there are so many good song writers in Nashville that don’t get recorded because of this crap ass roadblock of nashville garbage.”

Then I wrote my own little country music formula flyfishing song….would totally be a hit in the flyfishing category in country.

Its a cool mountain morning
and the sun is coming up
draggin my highside clacka
on the back a my truck

churning up the dirt on the
riverside backroad
my hippy mountain girl
is gonna row don’t ya know

been locked in the cabin
all damn winter long
gotta take the edge off
taken rips from the bong

My mountain girl is wet wading
in the river
the way she cast makes
me wanna shake and quiver



Baby, Lets us go…. down the river

Fly fishing all day long, we’ll be together

Drinking beers and whiskey ….in my drift boat
Darling its about time we did a…. flooooaoaaaat

Catchin trout all day long
on a dry/fly dropper
wishing it was fall
when we could throw a hopper

Sippin on the whiskey
sipping from a flask
having trouble tying knots
like a dumbass

thrown nine foot leaders
from a nine foot 5
knee deep in the water
now I feel alive


3 thoughts on “Country Sucks

  1. I didn’t think it was that bad, although I only watched the performances.

    Odly enough I was singing along to that song you penned and kind of figured out how it basicly should be played…. the life and times of a failing muscician 😛


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