Day 2 – Palometa Club, Punta Allen – Mexico

RBR 2Permit, Schmermit….okay, Permit.

Damn these things are tough.  So far the hardest part is just finding them.  We drift a flat for about 30 minutes wherever we go.  We usually see nothing, then we will see one.  Whether it gives us a chance or not is not even the though thing.  We got out of the boat 3/4 times today to chase, but the fish would always seem to swim away from us, not really presenting very good chances for us.  If you had to add it up today, we probably had 3 decent chances, but they didn’t even really look at the fly.  I did catch another Jack and 3 more snapper today, Mangrove, Mutton and something something Snapper with the ol Everglades Special.  Tomorrw we are gonna mix it up and chase some Tarpon/Snook/Bonefish….get em son.

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