Day 3, Palometa Club, Punta Allen, Mexico

Today was great…in short, I had two good chances at thy Permit.  One where he zig-zagged after my ES fly, and one where he ate between strips..and of course I didn’t feel it…at least the guide, Koriano said he did, I believe him.  David Porter, who is in our group, is fishing only bamboo rods, we fished together today.  Yep, imagine being bad ass Mexican fly fishing guides in Mexico, and we got one gringo that is only using one type of fly no matter what and one that is using only bamboo….rediculous.

Well, Porter came tight to the fish, fought him for 20 minutes then we celebrated as Koriano hung the fish high in the air, the silver trophy….Permit caught on a 9 weight bamboo rod….success was had.

I also added 5 species to the Everglades Special list…Barracuda, Bonefish, Mayan Perch, Needlefish and some other species that is a canal Bass of sorts…Boccola? had a long ass mouth, crazy looking.

Day 4 is the 4th quarter tomorrow…Ryan Griifin and I are going all out Permit tomorrow, hope I have a great report!

DCIM100GOPRO The boozler RBR bass

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