Park City, Utah…good stuff here

I came along to Park City, Utah with my girlfriend and her family.  I had been a here before, but just never fished.  Each prior trip had been solely for curing “Cabin Fever,” while living in Jackson, WY and the need to get out of town as soon as the snow gives way to long drives.  Sara’s brother and father are avid fly fisherman, so I was in  great hands as far as having the best guides available.  Since working in a fly shop for 20 years or so, visiting the local flyshop is more or less a religion, so Trout Bum 2 was the target shop for info and excess shop talk.  The rivers on the agenda were the smaller town stream, The Strawberry, The Provo and the Duchesne.  We caught some great hatches….Stoneflies, Green Drakes, Caddis and PMD’s.  As far as hatches and rising fish, it couldn’t have been better.  It had been a long tome since I had fished a western stream with real, live, big bugs coming off, it was quite a treat for this guy that is usually chasing Redfish that won’t eat my fly.  OK!!! I’ll have an Everglades Special report later….don’t hate.  Today is the last day of fishing, as we fly out tonight at 11pm.  We are gonna hit some water, see if some bugs are coming off, get our hands slimy and get on back to 95 degrees and humidity that feels like a wet blanket of hell….at least comparing to where we are now, but Charleston is a welcome sight, always.For Keith Keith 2 Good Brown The Boys in the Beaver Dam copy Brownie 2 Keith on Small Stream Keith beerman Pinnacles Stoney Sara's First Sara's First 2 pauls arm brown Sara lil guy

She got her first fish on a flyrod and her first hook in the face, what a day.Saras surgery

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