Been working on some T-shirts lately, and some logos for a couple shops.  Next week, I will hopefully have a new painting done or at last in progress to bring you.

“Music Monday”

I’m keeping it simple today, monday is for music…so, thats what I have for ya.  Here is a Ryan Bingham cover that I recorded last night at my buddy Ben Stafford’s place, he likes to call, “Woodfield.”  Its a house he recently purchased right off Peachtree Creek in Atlanta.  It used to be the old “Buckhead Hunting Lodge.”  Long live Whiskey Sundays…

“Long Way From Georgia” – Ryan Bingham cover

The Foundation

Because this is a blog about myself and the things I like to do, I figured it would be appropriate to explain where I come from.  My parental units, Larry and Myra Puckett are very creative people.  My Mom is a quilter and always has been as long as I can remember.  She has always made me smaller quilts, “Wall Hangings” if you will, of different subjects that I have loved over the years…baseball, fishing, music, etc.  Mom is an artist, her canvas being fabric.

Larry Puckett is a musician, always has been and always will be.  He just released an album on CD Baby, Evolution Blues, a collection of songs that he has written over the years, and it turned out very good. The music that he delivers that I am most impressed by his ability to play Flamenco, spanish style guitar.  He was mostly into this kind of playing as I was growing up and I think really seeped into my music intrigue the most.  The rhythms are incredible and I know has definitely had an influence in my rhythm guitar playing.  I have included a track of Dr. Lawrence Puckett playing some Flamenco…hope you enjoy it.

Out of the both of them, I most impressed by the fact they can be so creative but also as organized as my Mom is and has scientific as my Dad is.  My mother keeps everything organized to the smallest detail and Dad was a High School and College Chemistry Professor in Dallas, TX. I really inherited minimal organization skills and hardly any math and science ability.  Maybe I will learn someday!

Here is some Larry “Gypsy” Puckett for ya.

I am not a writer.

So, I figured the best way to get past my developing laziness was to start a blog.  The idea I had was to integrate my three favorite things, flyfishing, painting and music.  Blogging usually is heavy on writing, but thank god with pictures and music, this will be somewhat entertaining for me and by some stretch, you.  I plan on updating at least Mondays with music recordings that I will do, original and covers, Wednesdays with artwork, and Fridays with more of an anything goes subject that more or less inspires me.

The music part of this I am a little nervous about.  I plan on using this as a way to inspire me to write a lot more originals and put them out there no matter what.  Some will be sketches of songs, other peoples songs…some will be good and not so good, but why not! The same will go for the artwork, sketches, ideas, logos, half finished paintings, completed, whatever.  As an artist, I have learned to take criticism as a way to get better, and am totally open to hearing it, so please, feel free to let me know way you think…good or bad.  I am excited about this journey and look forward to having you come along!

Here is a little sound action, have a good one!