In Search of the Elusive Cobia

Photos by Dan Joseph

We went on a mission for Cobia, to the great waters of the Broad River in Beaufort, SC.  It was a perfect Cobia De Mayo weekend.  We had guys from Atlanta, Charleston, Naples and Cartersville.  We all had a great time, there is a reason there are no pics with fish in them, you can figure it out I would imagine!

Mid-Monday Music – “Goin Down”

This is the band I play in, Whiskey Please, we are playing, “Goin Down” here,  the Freddie King classic.  I give big props to the guys I play with for putting up my with budding, juvenile lead guitar abilities.  I am having a blast learning and I appreciate their patience.  This is one of the first times I felt like I was getting the hang of it.